Product Designer



Currently product designer at Xero. My interests include making compelling designs and looking at dog pictures on the internet.

027 747 1320

Work experience


Product designer
Xero  | Wellington, New Zealand
2018 - Present

Currently a product designer at Xero.


Lead designer
Melon Health | Wellington, New Zealand
2016 - 2018

As lead designer at Melon Health, I'm responsible for creating a great user experience for people living with chronic conditions. I design for iOS, Android, and responsive web. End-to-end designer, from understanding the problem, research, prototypes, wireframes, presenting solutions to end users and/or clients, visual design, branding, documentation and delivery to developers. I'm also involved with shaping the product vision and working closely with our growing engineering team.


Freelance designer
Self-employed | Amsterdam, the Netherlands
2015 - Present

As a freelance UX/UI designer, I've worked on a wide variety of projects across responsive web, Android and iOS. Clients range from start-ups to multinational companies. Most notably lead designer at Gigster for a 6 month contract.


Aliens Are Among Us  | Amsterdam, the Netherlands
2013 - 2015

As the sole designer at Aliens Are Among Us, I specialised in creating great user experience for a variety interfaces. Working at a small startup allowed me to be active in variety of roles ranging from various kinds of design, prototyping, user testing, and development. 


Designer / developer
aFrogleap  | Amsterdam, the Netherlands
2011 - 2013

As an iOS developer at aFrogleap, I was responsible for creating a variety of iPhone and iPad applications. Aside from creating solid code, I used my design education to craft a great user experience through choices in animation, interaction, and aesthetics.




Bachelor of Design: Interactive Media Design
Royal Academy of Art | The Hague, the Netherlands
2009 - 2013

Interactive Media Design ( I/M/D) is a young department of the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) that trains students to become designers of interactive concepts and processes. I/M/D lays down the link between people and processes as well as those between people and products.


Skills | Tools

Concept development, User testing, User research, Wireframes / UX, Prototyping, Visual/graphic design, Development background, Documentation

Sketch, Figma, Marvel / InVision, Adobe Suite, Balsamiq,
...whatever gets the job done


My team says


Katie does an exceptional job on the project we work on. With pleasure, I have worked with Katie for more than 6 months, collaborating on our main project in a daily basis, she's prepared to give me a solution for any design question I have. I'm always impressed with her ability to bring people on board with her exciting ideas, and she's always open for feedback. She is also a really good leader, the team always seek her knowledge before taking a big decision. To conclude, I have to say that any employer would be very luck to have Katie as a designer.

- Iury Painelli, Developer


I worked with Katie at Aliens Are Among Us and before that at aFrogleap so I know her for quite some time. I saw Katie transform from a mobile developer with a design background to becoming a designer with a developer background. She really is a designer at heart, eager to make beautiful apps and above all, keep things simple. I enjoy working with her because she can see things from a technical perspective, see the logic, which I think is crucial for a mobile designer. Besides that she is a fun and happy person, even on a bad day she keeps the spirit up.

- Almer Lucke, CTO Aliens Are Among US


I work with Katie at Aliens Are Among Us. At the start I worked with Katie in a development team programming on different iPad and iPhone applications. Her programming experiences are a definite plus in her now user experience and design work. This gives her the ability to make her design and user interaction work easy to implement. Katie pushes the limits when creating user interfaces and animations, which offer me great challenges. In short I like working with Katie on colourful, beautiful and practical applications. Therefore I think Katie would fit in any team or organisation.

- Maarten Foukhar, Developer
027 747 1320